The Walnuts School is an all age community residential special school and Children’s Home currently catering for 160 pupils from foundation to year 14. All pupils are on the autistic spectrum or have social communication difficulties. There are 23 classes, each with a teacher and between two and five teaching assistants. Three pupils live in the Children’s Home and 25 others access the residential provision. 

The school is divided into three departments each led by an Assistant Headteacher. The Infant Department, foundation and years one to three, is based at Hertford Place, Bletchley; Lower School and Upper School Departments together with the residential accommodation are based at the main site in Hazeley.

The Walnuts residential provision is home for up to five students and also provides the opportunity for some students to access the 24-hour curriculum. A student may access up to four nights, or just stay for an after-school activity e.g., trampolining/swimming, and stay for tea. The residential and school staff liaise closely, through our key worker system, ensuring continuity and consistency for each student. Further information can be found in the residential statement of purpose

I hope you enjoy this introduction to our school. Please do not hesitate to contact me at school if you would like to arrange a visit.

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